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  • Innovative order book & order flow visualization
  • Full Order Depth for all US Equities and Futures
  • Market micro-structure analysis
  • Deeper price action insights
  • Better trading decisions

Want to learn how to trade stocks with dxfeed bookmap and consult our experts?

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to approach stock trading in a new way.
  • How to use market microstructure for trading decisions.
  • How to find hidden pattern and trade signals.
  • And much more.
July 12, 2018 at 1pm EDT
Webinar Speaker


Bruce Pringle
Bookmap Education Specialist
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During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to approach stock trading in a new way.
  • How to use market microstructure for trading decisions.
  • How to find hidden pattern and trade signals.
  • And much more.


dxFeed Bookmap is an innovative data visualization tool and offers an advanced interface to monitor the dynamics of Depth of Market (DOM) and the evolution of the order book.

Supports US equities & futures

Real-time and Historical Full Order Depth and Traded Volume data
  • FX
  • Index futures
  • еtc.
  • Agriculture
  • Treasuries
  • Dow
  • еtc.
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • etc.
  • Energy
    (WTI Oil, Natural Gas, etc.)
  • Metals
    (Palladium, Platinum)
  • еtc.
  • Russell index futures
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Mini gold and silver
  • еtc.

Explore order book & order flow patterns

Utilizing dxFeed Bookmap, traders will be better equipped to answer the following questions:

  • How did the size at each price level change over time?
  • What happened to a certain level when the price moved towards it?
  • Are there additional strong concentrations of liquidity below or above the current price?
  • What was the volume traded around these price levels?
  • What is the activity on the other side of the order book?

dxFeed Bookmap provides its users a clear and transparent view of the market, empowering them to make better decisions with new information. At the core of dxFeed Bookmap is the Order-Book Heat-Map. This powerful tool provides the user a clear visualization of the dynamics of market depth and the possibility to monitor its evolution over time.

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Key Advantages for Traders

The same level of data quality and low latency that until now was only available for large trading firms

dxFeed Bookmap provides market data to individual traders at much lower prices only comparable to retail data vendors. The cutting edge visualization and data analysis tools offered by dxFeed Bookmap provide a significant advantage to the individual and professional trader in the pursuit of exploring and finding trading opportunities.

Lowest latency

dxFeed Bookmap is the fastest data source for US stocks over the Internet. The data comes from a co-location data center, directly connected with stock exchanges. Wherever you may be in the world, you will get the information faster than anyone else at that location.

Find your niche

Due to the large number of liquid stocks, there are a relatively low number of major or dominant players. You can study their behavior, learn how to interpret them, and find trading opportunity when they appear. You will become a highly specialized trader!

Full depth, order-by-order data

This feature allows traders to observe activities that occur not only at the first 10-20 price levels (as provided by most exchanges), but anywhere in the order book. This enables you to develop your trading strategy by identifying significant liquidity concentrations at certain price levels. In the past, this kind of information was never available for individual traders.

Vast amount of liquid stocks

Unlike with futures, there are hundreds and thousands of liquid instruments.

Opportunities due to different trading objectives

Large trading companies may have different trading priorities than a day trader. dxFeed Bookmap benefit the smaller trader by helping observe a long-term execution algo as soon as it starts to act - or for instance detect iceberg orders. In addition, it can also help identify when a market maker holds significantly more ‘Buy orders’ than ‘Sell orders’ and vice versa.

With dxFeed Bookmap you get even more transparency

Large traders frequently hide their presence, with techniques such as breaking large orders into smaller trades. This involves varying the timing of the order placement and slightly varying prices and sizes. Bookmap’s Filter-by-price feature allows you to uncover these activities.

Who uses dxFeed Bookmap?


* "Professional trader" means any natural person who is:

(A) registered or qualified in any capacity with the SEC, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, any state securities agency, any securities exchange or association, or any commodities or futures contract market or association;

(B) engaged as an "investment advisor" as that term is defined in Section 201 (11) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (whether or not registered or qualified under that Act); nor,

(C) employed by a bank or other organization exempt from registration under federal or state securities laws to perform functions that would require registration or qualification if such functions were performed for an organization not so exempt.

** "Individual trader" means all other persons who do not meet the definition of Professional trader.

Main Features

Market Data Visualization

Real time view
Real time simulation
Chart manipulation / dragging / zooming Candlestick view
Extended order book
Order queue estimation
Record and replay
Sync charts


Volume dots configuration
Volume bars configuration
Recentering configuration
Columns configuration
Heatmap configuration
Contrast configuration


Cumulative Volume Delta Correlation Tracker
Order book imbalance
Volume imbalance
Large lot tracker
Iceberg detector
Display your proprietary indicators
Order queue estimation


Price alerts
Voice alerts with filters

Column options

Volume profile column
Quotes counter column
Quotes delta column
Time and Sale
Column reset
Notes column


Multiple platforms
Multiple brokers support
Import notes from web
Connect your own data


dxFeed Bookmap
Global Edition
Supports US Equities, Futures

starts from



per month


  • Supports Digital Currencies
  • Realtime full depth data
  • Innovative heatmap view
  • Order flow visualization
  • One click trading in simulation
  • Real time one-click trading (GDAX)
  • Full depth historical data (24H)
  • Record and Replay
  • Supports over 10 different platforms
  • Advanced Education
dxFeed Bookmap
Global Plus Edition
Supports US Equities, Futures

starts from



per month


  • All Global version features PLUS:
  • One-click live trading
  • Large lot tracker
  • Imbalance indicators
  • Iceberg tracker
  • Correlation tracker
  • Advanced Education


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